Branding can be a complicated beast for many companies, even for the mega-giants advertising on one of the biggest stages: Super Bowl. Did you happen to catch the not-so-inspiring, odd, and vague commercials this year? I did (of course, because I’m a marketing nerd!), but I wasn’t the only one to spot the branding hiccups.

So, how can you make sure your digital branding is done right? Take a moment and consider the following:

Define your brand. What do you stand for? Why do you do what you do? How do your services differ from everyone else? How do you help meet the needs of your clients? As I point out in a recent ShoeFitts blog, Three Simple Ways to Tell Your Brand is Stuck in Groundhog Day, you need to do some serious soul searching to develop a meaningful brand and brand message.

Regularly revisit your brand. Okay, so maybe you do have a brand messaging statement and a clear value proposition. However, when did you last review it, and make sure it’s still current and relevant? For instance, does your brand address the needs of today’s clients? Are you articulating how you meet those needs?

Brand design isn’t just a logo. Your brand encompasses everything you do, and more importantly, every client experience. I liken these experiences to touchpoints, and have a handy dandy . Sure some of these may be obvious, but even the small points—such as how you answer your phone—are important considerations.

Evaluate your website. Yes, I often speak and write about the importance of strong websites, but with good reason—many B2B buyers use online research for making purchasing decisions. When someone visits your website, is your brand identity and value clear, or is it buried by jargon and outdated photos? At ShoeFitts, we often work with financial services firms to help bring their website design and content up-to-date. You’d be surprised at how many companies put up a website five or more years ago and then never looked at them again! Worse yet, many of these sites are not mobile compatible, are a visual nightmare, have weak content, and are slow to load.

Consider the social media experience. Your digital brand needs to include all of your social media interaction on LinkedIn, Twitter, and any other sites you may use. This means you need to be mindful of the brand messaging and brand visuals. If I check out your LinkedIn profile, will I see a clear statement about you and your business? Or will it read like a resume? Do you have a professional profile photo and quality cover image? Do you have a company page? Will I want to do business with you?

Creating a strong digital brand does not happen overnight, but you need to start the process. If you want more tips and ideas, register for my March 17 ShoeFitts Digital Institute webcast, How to Create a Killer Digital Brand. This one-hour presentation will help you take your brand from ho-hum to rock star.


With 25 years in the financial services industry, Sheri is a recognized influencer, popular social media speaker, and a creative marketing force. As president of ShoeFitts Marketing, she collaborates with broker/dealers, financial advisors, third-party administrators, and financial professionals to help them leverage marketing tools and social media strategies to make meaningful connections that build business and grow sales.

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