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Every Twitter user remembers the feeling—the account’s been created and you’re looking at your Twitter page and wondering, “Now what?”

You can use the several Twitter directories on the Web (WeFollow.com, Twellow.com, etc.) to find accounts to follow based on keywords, but be prepared for some iffy quality.

AdvisorTweets is your source to find U.S.-based financial advisors who are using their Twitter accounts for business purposes—with the possible exceptions after business hours during high sporting event periods (e.g., March Madness, Monday Night Football, etc.).

Twitter Lists

While logged into Twitter, click on these lists to follow the following Twitter lists (see How To Use Twitter Lists for an explanation):

If you want to branch out and follow more than financial advisors, take a look at the @RockTheBoatMKTG  FinancialAdvisorsResource list. This list is a virtual treasure trove of advisor technology specialists (e.g., @BillWinterberg), advisor and investment communications professionals (e.g., @SusanWeiner), 401(k) specialists, etc.

We meet many of these Twitter users when they begin to follow @AdvisorTweets. Because the AdvisorTweets Twitter account follows financial advisors only (otherwise the stream and trending tags and themes would be skewed with non-financial advisor content), our Rock The Boat Marketing Twitter account @RockTheBoatMKTG often reciprocates an AdvisorTweets follow and consistently adds to this list, which we’re making public now. (See About AdvisorTweets for an explanation of the relationship between AdvisorTweets and Rock The Boat Marketing.)

Financial Advisors by Specialty

Here’s a list of advisors by specialties as extracted from their Twitter bios:

Media Mavens

  • @Alan Haft, Author of You Can Never Be Too Rich
  • @MatthewSapaula, Talk show host of Chicago’s Money Smart Radio
  • @DavidMcPherson, ABC News.com columnist
  • @Bryanbinkholder, Author, radio show host
  • @HardWorkinMoney, Author of Your Nest Egg Game Plan
  • @JulieMCasserly, Author of The Emotion Behind Money, National Radio Host
  • @Onthemoneyguru, Host of WXEL’s On The Money and frequent guest speaker on CNBC
  • @DanSolin, Financial columnist for Huffington Post & AOL, author of The Smartest Retirement Book You’ll Ever Read
  • @Danaanspach About.com’s Guide to Money Over 55
  • @RickKahler, Author, speaker, columnist
  • @LifeSpanPlan, Author of Tax Resolution and Financial Freedom
  • @MichaelBRubin, Author of Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck
  • @MikeBonacorsi, RadioTalk Show Host
  • @ETFSage, Author, Index Investing for Dummies; Bond Investing for Dummies; Exchange-Traded Funds for Dummies
  • @Kim Snider, Author, speaker, radio talk show host

Affluent clients


High net worth


High net worth families


Private accounts


Peak earners


Business owners




Next generation



@Curtisfinancial, @SarahTolsonCFP, @Investing4women

Business owners

@BuxPlanner, @DamiBoulder

Performing and creative artists


Career changes


Retired couples


College planning


Retirement plans

@401kDoc, @Smart401k, @FiduciaryPro, @thanl, @rwohlner

Retirement planning

@JeremyVoh, @PNW_Retirement, @retirementplanr, @ChristianWood

Faith-based investing


Christian (Biblical)


Sustainable investing

@gregorywendt, @naturalinvest

RSS Feeds

Remember that you can also follow Twitter accounts by adding RSS feeds to your feed reader. AdvisorTweets offers a full feed, feed by state and individual RSS feeds.

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