The very best financial advisors are story-tellers—and that includes not just words but pictures, too. Yet another reason to follow financial advisors on Twitter is their consistency in finding and sharing some excellent pictures (i.e., charts, graphs, visualizations, infographics, etc.).

This post celebrates the steady parade of visuals that are called out daily on and the advisors who find them. Below is a list of 11 on-topic graphic-based tweets shared in the last six months or so. Many more charts are tweeted about but because most of these are infographics, they have more of an evergreen character and are worth your looking at, even a half-year later. The final three haven’t shown up yet in the advisor stream but can we overlook that? There’s something about excellent graphics that you just can’t help but want to share.

Note that most images shown are just images (and in some cases, partial images)—click on them to go to the actual interactive files.

1. Asset returns since QE2 Hints: @researchpuzzler (one of our chart-happiest advisors) first introduced this Thomson Reuters masterpiece in November
2. New York Times’ interactive budget puzzle: If you’re so smart, you build the budget, introduced by @Diahannlassus


3. Low-tech but the advisors liked the messageNB Trades’ death of an investment account balance from opinions, introduced by @feeonlyplanner


4. What is a 401k plan? There’s just no easy way to capture this. It’s an elaborate, illustrated explanation from the fabulous @Mint graphics people, introduced by @rwohlner


5. How bad was the recession and how quickly is the economy recovering? This series of interactive graphs from the Minneapolis Fed was introduced by @_Money_Talk


6. The Center for Capital Markets’ Competitiveness awesome, interactive depiction of the 60 rules to be proposed and implemented as part of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010, introduced by @curtisfinancial


7. Visualizing Economics’ graph of real versus nominal houses prices, introduced by @researchpuzzler


8. Bloomberg Businessweek’s Playing Chicken with the federal debt ceiling, introduced by @BizWeekGraphics whose own investment illustrations prolificness has drained the ink from his Sharpies. Separately, he’s waging a Twitter campaign to urge Sharpie to sponsor his work.


9. WhereDidMyTaxDollarsGo? is an interactive infographic produced as part of a competition that Google sponsored this year to demystify federal taxes and government spending.


10.  The Financial Lifecycle: It appears that the idea for this graphic originated with Colorado-based People’s Financial Advisors/Cambridge Financial Advisors (@FinancialHelp4U) as shown in the source line. You can see a version of it here. But UK-based price comparison Website is getting lots of Twitter attention for its slightly more graphic interpretation.


11. In my day, I’ve worked on lots of marketing communications aimed at helping advisors help their clients understand the importance of international market exposure. None of them came close to the impact achieved in this video of Hans Rosling. 

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