Did you know your website is a bit like a castle, and as the king or queen, you have the power to throw down the drawbridge and usher in desirable visitors? Okay, the vision may seem a bit dramatic, but the point is sound: with some savvy digital strategies you can bring credible leads to your website and build your sales growth channels!

In my recent AdvisorTweets blog Is Your Website Working For or Against You? I touched on lead magnets. However, based on the questions I have been receiving, a lot of you would like to know more about this social selling concept.

First, your lead magnets serve as that drawbridge to your website. Second, they provide a way to build a permission-based contact list of clients and prospective clients.

For instance, lets say you have a great new tip sheet you want to offer. Perfect, turn it into a lead magnet to draw people to your site! I recently used a similar approach with my Six Steps to a Spectacular Social Strategy guide by using the following steps:

Blog – On the ShoeFitts Marketing website I post How To Avoid Obsolescence: What Martha Stewart Can Teach Financial Advisors with a tie into some of the concepts from my Six Steps guide. While I tend to create content for my blog, don’t forget you can also curate content by sharing your thoughts and ideas on other source material or news.

Call to Action – At the end of the Martha blog, readers can click on a Download Here link that takes them to a contact information form.

Auto-Responder – Once readers fill out the form, an auto-responder email sends a downloadable Six Steps guide in an attached pdf. Readers obtain a worthwhile value-add, and I obtain their contact information.

Thank you – Following the download, I send a quick thank you (another automated response). Thank you notes are also a great time to send some additional tips or to offer help with any questions. In essence, they can keep a conversation going.

Getting People to the Blog – For all the above to work, you need to get people to that blog. Here are a couple of the methods I employ:

  • Social Media: Tweets and LinkedIn Updates – Post four or five short summaries about the blog and a link to the blog. Your tweets will most likely be short snippets, while your LinkedIn updates may be a couple sentences. Be sure to spread out the posts over a week or two using a scheduler. (Guess what? You can even reuse Tweets!)
  • Email or newsletter – Send current contacts some enticing points from the blog and a link to the blog site. My email list includes people who have signed up for the newsletter through my website, as well as traditional contact interactions. Whether you use a short email note or multi-faceted newsletter, both are a great way to share your smarts and offer a value-add to your contacts. While this won’t provide new leads, you can set up the lead magnet contact information request so it picks up additional client specifics such as a person’s title or industry.

Through all of this, as with much of marketing, you need to be consistent with your outreach. Start with a manageable schedule, maybe two blogs/emails and one lead magnet a month or a quarter.

Just try to drop that drawbridge as often as you can. Remember, it’s pretty lonely in that castle without contacts.

Would you enjoy seeing this blog in action?

Many of these concepts, along with helpful supporting graphics, were discussed in a recent Deconstructing Digital webinar. Watch now!

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